19-year-old Boy Runs Mad After Visiting Babalawo For ‘Yahoo plus’ (Photos)

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In a get-rich-quick attempt, a young boy of 19-year old ran mad in a bid to go into ‘Yahoo Plus’

In case you don’t know, Yahoo Plus is an elevated form of Yahoo Yahoo, one of the traditional modes of cyber fraud.

It involves performing various rituals, including sleeping in a cemetery and bathing in a river to brighten the swindler’s chances of getting his victims hypnotised.

Once this is successfully done, the victim is guaranteed to keep remitting money from wherever he or she is in the world.

The said 19-year-old boy who visited a babalawo (native doctor) for the process of yahoo plus which involves rituals, but reportedly ran mad because he couldn’t finish his task.

He was asked to finish 3 eggs or something terrible will happen to him, He was unable to finish it, then he ran mad.

Twitter user, Oluwafunminrie, who disclosed he was called to join the boy’s family for prayers, revealed this in a series of tweet. Read below:

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